18 - 20 June, 2019 | Crowne Plaza Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Post-Conference Workshop Day

10:00 am - 12:30 pm From Manufacture to Use: Overcome the Challenges Encountered During the Three Stages of the Packaging Lifecycle

Packaging helps retain the quality of the product from the point of manufacturing to the point of use, but the journey from development to distribution is not so simple, especially for pharmaceuticals.
It is essential to understand the full range of dosage types, covering a spectrum of sensitivities and applications. This, however, is significantly more challenging when juggling regulatory and statutory requirements demanding strict compliance for the smooth distribution of products and consumer confidence. 
This interactive session will give you the tools to tackle the challenges that occur at every stage of the packaging and labelling development, throughout the product lifecycle. 
By Attending, You Will:
  • Discover the factors that must be considered during research and development, commercial execution and post-commercial change management
  • Gain insight into how different compliance measures are taken into account, quality, cost and productivity improvements methods are imperative to remain competitive in the market
  • Gather the tools to comply with the requirements associated with the developmental, launch and post-commercialisation phase with respect to materials, design, tooling and investment.
Key Lesson:
This session will provide you with an understanding of the principles and techniques for having an effective and efficient packaging system for pharmaceutical products. In addition, you will learn how to work collaboratively with other functions to survive and sustain in the competitive market.
Prabir Das, Vice President - Packaging Development at Mylan

Prabir Das

Vice President - Packaging Development

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Troubleshooting Workshop: Enhancing Patient Compliance with Effective Packaging, Labelling and Artwork

This workshop will support you in collecting, sorting and gaining a proper understanding of the requirements for patient compliance and adherence in regards to pharmaceutical packaging, as we shed light on the essential considerations that must be made, with respect to artwork and labelling.
This course is designed for executive and operational managers of pharmaceutical companies, packaging operations, as well as IT, artwork operators and engineering staff, responsible for the implementation or operation of new systems. Suppliers of packaging and authentication technology and pharmaceutical packaging companies are also encouraged to attend.
By Attending, You Will:
  • Increase the therapy adherence associated to your product with effective graphic design and use of new media, technical solutions and audit trials
  • Engage with your peers to develop effective techniques to move towards logistical and technical optimisation of packaging for medicinal products, with the introduction of e-packaging and labelling
  • Gain practical ideas to enhance your packaging, labelling and artwork by participating in a troubleshooting session to resolve your challenges  
Key Lesson:
Collaboratively explore new methods to enhance patient compliance and tailor strategies to overcome your specific limitations in this new, interactive workshop.  
Dieter Mößner, Chairman at German Standards institute DIN, The European Committee for Standardisation CEN

Dieter Mößner

German Standards institute DIN, The European Committee for Standardisation CEN