18 - 20 June, 2019 | Crowne Plaza Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

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Download the Onsite AgendaGuide l Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labeling Summit

Participate at the Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit, taking place on the 18th - 19th June 2019 in Switzerland and join the conversation to:Ensure regulatory compliance today and to ...

Exclusive Pharma Packaging and Labelling News

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Best Practice Guidance On Compliant Packaging 2019

Ahead of Pharma IQ's Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit, we interviewed industry expert, Prabir Das, Head of Packaging Technical Services, Mylan (OSD, India), who shared his insights on the biggest challenges with regards to patient compliance. In his interview, Mr Das will give you guidance on: Effectively handling the most...

Top Packaging Technologies for 2019

Ahead of this year’s Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labeling Summit, Pharma IQ have highlighted the top new technologies for 2019.Some of the new technologies include: Temperature indicating labels Near-field commication (NFC)Text to voice Counting packagingLight up packaging Unit dosing Fingerprint authentication packaging Click on 'download' to view the full report. 

2019 Packaging & Labelling trends

Ahead of this years Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit, experts from all regions answered our survey. To provide us with insights on the current trends, and what the effects of FMD has had on the industry.Download this new infographic to learn more about:Which packaging solution would be the best fit...

The Cost of Compliance in the Regulatory Landscape of the FMD

Ahead of the Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit 2018, we have put together this article on the costs and challenges of compliance in the complex regulatory landscape of the FMD, including the financial implications, maintaining cost- efficiency and the future of the regulatory landscape.

Will the smart packaging revolution transform therapy adherence?

Key opportunities for smart packaging within pharmaceuticals include the promotion of therapy adherence, more organised and efficient data collection and the growth of personalised medicines. However, there are several obstacles which may hinder the widespread implementation of smart technologies, the most prevalent of which is bringing these projects to scale...

Industry Guide: Tracking & Packing for Pharmaceuticals

We have put together the very best content pieces from 2018 into one handy industry guide. This guide includes: Serialisation Track and Trace Map, Tackling Tampering in Pharma Packaging, Smart Packaging Solutions and much more!

Build Or Buy?

Having a dedicated Artwork Management System for managing packaging and labelling for your organization is essential. However, many companies attempt to build a system internally, using a variety of tools that interface poorly with each other, adding challenges over a paper based system. Perigord’s Global Quality Director, Suzanne Ivory lays...

Tackling tampering in pharma packaging

Pharmaceutical companies need to define, specify, test and choose the tamper verification feature for their existing and future packaging portfolio. This article will explore the weak points in anti tampering packaging in relation to pharmaceutical products and how these areas can be addressed. Click on 'download' to view the article.

How To Manage Your Packaging And Labelling Partners

To ensure packaging and labelling streams are compliant and implemented both swiftly and cost effectively each stakeholder must perform their task in the correct sequence, using the right information and tools. With this in mind, Pharma IQ examines some of the latest tech and trends utilised in the process of...

Pharmaceutical Packaging News

Improving Patient Compliance via Packaging and Labelling

Patients rely on the information provided on a product to instruct them in a manner which will lead to safe and effective use. Therefore any flout in accuracy could have fatal consequences. In this top tips eBooK on improving patient compliance via packaging and labelling, we spoke with packaging specialist...

Combatting Malicious Tampering in Pharma: The Weakspots

This infographic assesses the top anti-tamper weaknesses experienced within pharmaceutical packaging and labelling.

Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling Strategy Insights

As pharmaceuticals come under greater regulatory scrutiny, companies have to evaluate their packaging and labelling processes to ensure compliance and reduce risk. We spoke with key opinion leaders from the industry to reveal the biggest obstacles they face in achieving excellence and reveal their top tips for an effective packaging...

Engagement, Automation & Simplification: 3 Steps to Optimising your Packaging Line

In this Pharma IQ interview Gianluca Fioravanti, Head of Packaging and Warehouse Operations, GlaxoSmithKline, shares his top tips for achieving overall equipment performance, optimising packaging lines and overcoming complexity within the packaging process.

Falsification and Pharmacovigilance: What Do Patients Get to See and What Should They Do with It?

The ‘Falsified medicines directive’ (2011/62/EU) and the ‘Pharmacovigilance regulation’ (No 1235/2010) will influence some of the information that patients receive about medicines. In both the directive and the regulation, several forms of visual communication are mentioned.In this discussion piece Dr Karel van der Waarde explores the impact of the latest...

Top 20 Packaging Complexity Management Tips

Discover Top 20 things to consider to drive the maximum value out of your pharmaceutical packaging portfolio. This booklet takes the popular Top 20 Tips format to describe key features of a complexity management capability in an easy to digest format.

Tamper Evidence in Pharma Packaging - Expert Insight eBook

The anti-counterfeit packaging market is forecasted to reach US$206.57 billion by 2021, just shy of doubling its 2016 figure of $107.26 bn. This growth is supported by the expanding pharma and food and beverage industries, with Asia Pacific set to take the largest market share. China is earmarked to lead...

Pharmaceutical Labelling News

International EU Compliance eHandbook Pharmaceutical Labelling

In response to the challenges faced in tracking and meeting the country specific labeling requirements of EU member states, Pharma IQ has produced this e-handbook based on a recent EU guideline.

Top 3 Tips for Developing a Globally Applicable Labelling Strategy

Peter Schroeer, Director Europe, Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs at Johnson & Johnson, joined Pharma IQ to talk about strategies for overcoming current compliance challenges the medical device market faces.

Pharmaceutical Artwork News

Top 20 Artwork Auditor Tips, artwork, auditing, pharmaceutical packaging, labelling

The top 20 things to consider when auditing pharmaceutical labelling and artwork content creation capabilities. This booklet is designed to help professionals in pharmaceutical packaging labelling and artwork activities to develop improved auditing techniques.

Why does packaging artwork matter?

Packaging artwork is an often forgotten back room process in most pharmaceutical companies, but the changing business environment has brought issues from this capability to the fore. Pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies are facing one of the most difficult periods in their history.

How to Deliver Cost Effective Pharmaceutical Global Artwork

Labelling and Artwork are still the highest causes of the recall of pharmaceutical products. Andrew Love, Vice President at Pharmaceutical Advisory Services, Be4ward Ltd, and former Director of Global Pack Management from GlaxoSmithKline, talks to Pharma IQ about his hopes to resolve these issues in the bid of patient safety.

EU FMD Artwork Compliance Visual eguide

The global pharma market faces unprecedented complexities and pressures regarding the packaging and labelling of medicinal products. This guide examines the changes required for pharmaceutical packaging to meet the requirements of EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the crucial questions to ask in order to achieve compliance.